Pouches for Hope

“Empower Bihar Women: Pouches for Hope

This is a charity activity that supports people in difficult situations in India, one of Hiromi.A's roots.

In Bihar, India, many people are still facing economic difficulties.
HI rom I.A particularly supports women and children in Bihar, whose opportunities for success are limited due to the country's conservative culture.
Hiromi. There are three specific actions that A will take.
  1. Creating jobs for women in Bihar
  2. Delivering their sensibilities to everyone in the form of “embroidered pouches”
  3. Donations to organizations supporting children in Bihar
Please join us in our heartfelt activities.

How to join this activity

  • Please select "Embroidery Pouch" (charged) when purchasing the product.
  • The regular pouch that comes with your purchase will be replaced with an "embroidered pouch".
  • We will donate the entire amount of the ``embroidered pouch'' excluding the minimum overhead costs to FC Nono, a general incorporated association that supports children in Bihar.
  • You cannot specify the pattern or color of the embroidered jewelry pouch. Please choose for me.

Creating jobs for women in Bihar

H iromi.A supports women in Bihar by creating jobs for them.
We are requesting the production of pouches with ``Sujeni embroidery'', a handiwork that has been passed down in this area.

Delivering their sensibilities

The everyday scenes of Bihar women are freely expressed on the porch. We will deliver the sensibilities of Bihar women to everyone who sympathizes with this activity. Be sure to own a pouch that will make you want to admire the simple and careful workmanship.

Supporting children in Bihar

Children in Bihar are also in dire straits. The support we receive from everyone in the form of ``selecting an embroidered jewelry pouch'' will be donated to the activities of NGOs that directly support children.
Photo provided by FC Nono