Pearl Story 1 (The Appeal of Natural Stones)

The charm of pearls

Pearls (Japanese name: Shinju) are indispensable gemstones for formal occasions. Therefore, they are often thought of as something that goes well with formal styles, but in fact they can be easily combined with casual outfits as well.

A string of pearls is a timeless piece of jewelry that is often considered a lifetime piece of jewelry. A single pearl earring will go well with any occasion and will make you look stylish, while a baroque pearl necklace with a unique shape goes well with casual styles.
It is a truly all-purpose gemstone that is loved across time and regions, and comes in a wide variety of colors and can be worn by anyone.

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What is Pearl?

Pearls are produced using mother oysters such as Akoya oysters and Pearl-lipped oysters.
Considered a symbol of wealth and status, it dates back to ancient China before the Common Era and has been sought after by the wealthy around the world to this day.
There are two types of pearls: natural pearls, which are formed in nature without human intervention, and cultured pearls, which are formed by stimulating the mother oyster in some way and controlling the growth process. Natural pearls have become very rare due to environmental changes, and most of the pearls on the market today are cultured pearls.

The meaning and image of pearls

The main feature that distinguishes pearls from other gemstones is that they are spherical.
Therefore, it has many meanings, such as health, innocence, longevity, wealth, harmony, and completion.
In ancient China, it was believed to protect people from the flames emitted by the dragon, and in Europe it was considered a symbol of chastity and purity.

Also, due to its shape, it is often associated with the moon and tears.
Indeed, when you look at a round-shaped pearl, it resembles the moon floating in the night sky, and a drop-shaped pearl resembles someone's beautiful tears.

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Pearl Rating

Like diamonds, pearls have standards for evaluating their value and beauty. For example, the international gemstone evaluation organization GIA specifies several evaluation factors. These are the seven factors: size, shape, color, luster, surface (condition), and nacre quality.

Types of Cultured Pearls

There are three common types of cultured pearls:
The first one is Akoya pearls.
Saltwater pearls produced in Japan and China are white, round, and the so-called classic style pearls.
The second is South Sea pearls (Tahitian pearls).
Saltwater pearls are known for their wide range of colors, including black and gray, and can occur in a variety of shapes, including baroque.
And the third is freshwater pearls.
They are known for being available in a variety of pastel colors, including pink and orange, and are often found in smaller sizes.

Birthstones and wedding stones

Pearls are known as the June birthstone along with alexandrite and moonstone, and the 30th wedding anniversary is also known as the pearl wedding anniversary.

Pearls fit any style.

Pearls also add a touch of class to your outfit. Try adding this attractive gemstone to your outfit.

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