How to semi-custom-order

In addition to ready-made items, Hiromi.A also accepts semi-orders.

We also accept inquiries and orders for wedding rings and engagement rings from the Wedding line.
If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us via the Contact page .
We will listen to your wishes and proceed with production.
・Some items are introduced as size-order products.
Please also use this.
・We may require a deposit in advance after the production details are finalized.
・We cannot accept cancellations after production has been decided.

[Order step]
1. Fill out and send the inquiry form.
2. Counseling via email etc.
Requested hearing/estimate/decision on production details

3.Made to order in our workshop.
4.Delivery of finished products.

  • Emerald

    emerald. It is one of the four major gemstones with its mysterious deep green glow. Although it is an expensive stone due to its rarity, it is also known as a stone that brings happiness in addition to its beauty.

  • Tourmaline

    Trimaline. It is characterized by its transparent shine and has the widest variety of colors among natural stones. This is a natural stone that will give you the pleasure of finding a stone in your favorite color.

  • Ametrine

    Ametrine. It is a rare crystal that has grown from a mixture of amethyst and citrine, and is said to be a stone that balances Yin and Yang. It is a beautiful bi-colored stone that has become popular in recent years.

  • carving stone

    It is a natural stone that has been carved by hand by craftsmen. The light that hits the carving matches the color tone of the stone and is scattered exquisitely, making it more interesting than just the beauty of the carving.

  • Opal

    opal. It is a popular natural stone with a beautiful and unique shimmering color. There are many types of base colors such as blue and white, and the expression varies greatly depending on the stone.

  • Natural Diamond

    Natural colored diamonds. The inclusions and natural colors that are present because they were grown in the natural world. Diamonds are attractive because each one has a different face.

  • Other gemstones

    We also offer a variety of other natural stones.
    If you have a desired natural stone, please feel free to contact us.
    Ex,) various diamonds / garnet / ruby ​​/ pearl / cat's eye etc,

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  • teal sapphire and diamond ring

    This is an example of past deliveries.
    Teal sapphire x diamond x 18K with a beautiful bicolor of blue and green.
    This is a luxurious ring with a stone clasp that highlights the beauty of the emerald, and diamonds on the base and arm.

  • colored stone eternity ring

    This is an example of past deliveries.
    Hiromi.A's most popular eternity ring. Arrange the stones in your favorite color. The key point is that you can change the look depending on the direction you wear it.

  • ダイヤモンドのフルエタニティ、ハーフエタニティ、彫を施したエタニティリング

    diamond eternity ring

    This is an example of past deliveries.
    Although it is a wedding line ring, it is also recommended for everyday use. By changing the surrounding design of the stone, you can completely change the look.