Designer's tweet: After the summer event

*We are always happy to respond to inquiries regarding new products and products introduced in the Limited store.

In the summer of 2023, we held a limited store at Isetan Shinjuku store and Hankyu Umeda main store.

Many customers visited both Tokyo and Osaka.

At the Isetan store where I was able to stand in front of the store, I had the opportunity to talk directly with people who I don't normally get to meet, and it was a thrilling few days to be able to take home products that I had put so much effort into making.

Unfortunately, Hankyu Umeda Main Store was closed on the last day due to the bad weather.
Everyone in the Kansai area, are you injured?
We received many inquiries after the exhibition from people who were planning to purchase on the last day and from customers who were undecided. thank you.

Although it will still be a while before the products introduced in the Limited Store will be available in the online store, we are doing our best to respond to those who have made inquiries.

If there are any products you are interested in, please feel free to contact us.
・Instagram DM
・Online site Contact page
・Official LINE
We will respond to any inquiries regarding any of the above.

After returning to India and working with stones, I am motivated to create new designs.
I would like to receive a lot of inspiration here so that I can deliver good works to everyone.

From Hiromi in India

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