Earth Day 2024 インドでちょっと考える

Earth Day 2024 - A little thought in India

Earth Day, a day to think about the Earth and the environment, is April 22nd.

( Emerald Chottaling from the Earth Day Collection )

Living in India, I feel like I have more opportunities to be in touch with nature than I do in a city in Japan.
It feels as though people's lives are being carried out in a place closer to the laws of nature.

Big cities like Delhi and Mumbai are more advanced than Japan in some areas, but if you go a little further into the countryside or visit villages in the city centers, you'll find that old ways are still widely used in everyday life.
You could say they're behind the times, but now that sustainable living is being reevaluated, it feels like they're following the trend. Is this Indian magic?

For example, cows.

The sight of cows grazing so freely that they seem like strays, and even entering the roads and causing traffic jams, is actually a specialty of India. Many households keep a cow at home, milking it every morning, using it to power ox carts, and using cow dung as fuel - truly sustainable!

And when you think of India, you think of chai.

Drinks with ice in India can easily upset your stomach, so be careful, but it's often said that there's less to worry about with the chai sold at roadside chai stands, as both the water and milk are boiled. Terracotta cups are still commonly used here. They're disposable, and in a way hygienic. And because they're made from baked clay, they return to the soil when you throw them away after drinking. (If you're thinking of trying it while traveling in India, be sure to take hygiene into consideration and your own physical condition!)

(This is lassi poured into an unglazed cup.)

Kantha embroidery, which is made by recycling old saris, patchworking them together and then stitching intricately, is also famous.

It's wonderful to see the colorful saris living a second life in a new form.

H iromi . A online shop also carries Kantha embroidered shawls . We are also running a charity project to make pouches from recycled saris.


What is convenience? What is an earth-friendly lifestyle?
Being in India, where common sense is overturned, I often find myself thinking about these things.


*Earth Day: April 22nd every year, a day to think about the global environment.
This day is designated as a day to think about and take action regarding the global environment, and environmental events and projects are held all over the world, transcending the boundaries of religion, race, political beliefs, etc.

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