Zodiac Stone Scorpion

Scorpio constellation stone

zodiac stones scorpions

The stars that were shining on the other side of the sun when you were born are the so-called 12 constellations.
Natural stones that match this constellation are called constellation stones, and they have been familiar for a long time, mainly in Europe, as stones that maintain physical and mental balance.

If you were born between October 24th and November 22nd, your zodiac sign is “Scorpio.”
This is the natural stone known as the Scorpio constellation stone. *1
★Fire Opal

Scorpios are said to be praised by many for their mysterious atmosphere and strong core.
The constellation stone of Scorpio shines in the wind that gradually gets colder towards winter and the sky that gradually becomes clearer.
Would you like to give some thought to the constellation stones that protect you?

*1: The above are generally widely known constellation stones, but other stones may be used depending on the region or culture.

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