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Heart to Hope

Hiromi.A carries out charity projects to support people in difficult situations in its roots in India.

3 happiness that your actions can bring

Your action of selecting an "embroidered pouch (charged)" when purchasing a product will make you happy in three ways.

  • 1.HAPPY to YOU

    You will receive a pouch with Sugeni embroidery.

  • 2.HAPPY to HER

    Indian women can continue making pouches

  • 3.HAPPY to KIDS

    You can support children in India

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What is “Heart to Hope”

Bihar, India, is a state where many people are facing economic hardship. H iromi.A supports women and children in Bihar whose opportunities for success are limited due to its conservative culture.
Hiromi.A is implementing three specific actions.
  1. create jobs for women
  2. Delivering their sensibilities
  3. support children

You can support this activity by simply selecting ``Embroidery Pouch (charged)'' when purchasing a product.
Please join us in our heartfelt activities.

Our Action 1

create jobs for women

We support women in Bihar by creating jobs for them. This is because we believe that we need more than just financial support, we need support that will lead to something rewarding and something to be proud of. We have asked them to create a pouch with the beautiful "Sujeni embroidery" that has been handed down in this area since ancient times, and Hiromi.A will cover the entire cost.

Our Action 2

Deliver their sensibilities

The embroidered pouches freely express scenes from their daily lives. We would like to convey the sensibilities of women living on the land of India to everyone who sympathizes with this activity. With this in mind, we create pouches that are simple and carefully handcrafted to give you a sense of love. When purchasing a product, you can select an "embroidered pouch (charged)".
*Depending on the purpose of this project, specifications of the pouch may change without notice.

Our Action 3

support children

Children in Bihar are also in dire straits. The support we receive in the form of ``selecting an embroidered jewelry pouch'' will be donated to the activities of FC Nono , an NGO that directly supports children . Photo provided by FC Nono

How can I get involved in this charity project?

How can I specifically participate in charity?

You can participate by choosing a paid embroidered pouch.
When purchasing the product, please select "Embroidered Pouch (+¥300)".
*The regular pouch that comes with your purchase will be replaced with an "embroidered pouch".

Can I choose the embroidered pouch?

I'm sorry. You cannot choose.
Please leave the specifications of the embroidered pouch such as pattern and color to us.
The embroidered pouches are made freely in order to respect the sensibilities of the women who make them. I hope for your understanding.

Who can I support with this charity project?

Supporting the women and children of Bihar The work of creating embroidered pouches will directly lead to supporting the women of Bihar, and the children of Bihar through organizations that are actually active in the field.
*Support targets may change in the future depending on the situation in India.

What kind of people make embroidered pouches?

We commissioned women living in the Indian state of Bihar to create the pieces. We make pouches and have them decorated with Sujeni embroidery, which is traditional from Bihar.
If we meet people who need support in the future, we may change the production location.

How does this charity project work?

  1. Hiromi.A is covering all costs and asking women in Bihar to make embroidered pouches.
  2. The proceeds from your embroidered pouches will be donated to organizations that directly support children in Bihar.
  3. For those who participate in this project by selecting an embroidered pouch (for a fee), a pouch with Sugeni embroidery will be delivered to you along with your purchased product.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.