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Kantha embroidery shawl, stole C

Kantha embroidery shawl, stole C

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I found a wonderful shawl made using a technique called Kantha embroidery, which is traditional in the Bengal region of India.

Kantha means "stitch", and Kantha embroidery is a traditional Indian technique for reusing old sarees and loin cloths. Everything is sewn by hand and I do a scratchy rally (sashiko).

The front side of this shawl is a colorful patchwork made of many layers of silk saris sewn together. The highly designed outer material is made of fabrics with various patterns sewn together, and the back side is a single piece of printed fabric, which gives two completely different expressions.The embroidery process takes a long time, as each stitch is carefully embroidered. It's a stall that takes a lot of time.

The neatly spaced stitches are wonderful, and the uneven stitches are also lovely. How much time did it take? This is needle work that makes you want to applaud the creator.

Size: approx. 90cm x 220cm

The threads may be tangled, tangled, or cut diagonally, but because it is handmade, there will be variations depending on the maker. I recommend it to those who understand and enjoy it.

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