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carnelian marron earrings

carnelian marron earrings

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The etymology of carnelian is from the Latin words "carnis" (meat) and "carneolus" (fresh).

Carnelian has been used all over the world since ancient times.

It is said that in ancient Egypt, it was worn as a stone that brought good luck.

Carnelian is also used on Napoleon's octagonal seal.

Beautiful natural stones with colors that can be described as red or orange are made into simple and lustrous earrings.

Material: Carnelian

Total length: 24mm

Natural stone size: 12mm

Metal fittings: SV925+22KGP

Each product is carefully handcrafted one by one by artisans in India. Therefore, each piece is not exactly the same type.
There may be some distortion or uneven coloring from the beginning. Although we carefully inspect our products, we would like you to understand that these products have a rich texture, warmth, and lovely Indian handicrafts before purchasing them.

Since natural stone is a mineral created by nature, there may be slight scratches, inclusions, cracks, etc. This is a proof of the beautiful natural stone that was created naturally during the crystal formation process, and is also the charm of the natural stone. Please enjoy it.
Also, natural stone is very delicate. Please handle with care.

Gold coating is not permanent. You can enjoy it for a long time by storing it away from moisture and avoiding high humidity. After use, we recommend wiping it dry with a soft cloth and storing it in a ziplock bag to avoid exposure to air.

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